6 months to change my life update!

6 months to change my life update!

So at the end of September I wrote a blog regarding my goals for the next 6 months. ย I know I haven’t been the best at sticking to them but thought now would be as good a time as any to quickly run through and hold myself accountable for what I have achieved so far, as well as set some goals for the last stretch of the path!

So for those of you who missed putlast time, these were my goals:

Unfortunately none of these things have been achieved as of yet, and I know I really need to work on them if I want to achieve something great!

So let’s begin;

1) Turn my temporary work contact into a permenant position

So this one is still a work in progress, mainly due to the delay from the trust I am currently working for. However I have been informed the permenant position is likely to be advertised some time in the next few weeks! I still have to ace the application aced interview so my fingers are crossed. I’ve been working really hard in the role to prove myself, and am confident in what I am doing, but obviously I don’t want to walk aced round with the attitude that the job is mine.

I have to say work have been fantastic about my pregnancy too, and that has not deterred them from asking me to apply for the permenant post so I can only see that as a positive thing! I will definitely keep you posted as and when things happen!
2) Start a blog, posting two times a week

So I have obviously achieved the first part of this otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this now! Lol! However the posting two times per week has kinda gone away. I had started off so well, however found myself getting snowed under and not really giving myself the me time to do this effectively.

Now I am determined to get back into the swing of things, but have already found this difficult as this post is technically a day late! Lol! But I have still managed to get it out so am jot going to beat myself up about it too much.

I am hoping to be a bit more productive and make sure on a Sunday I give myself the me time to both do my weekly planning as well as type up my blog posts for at least the up coming week! I know the me time is definitely needed and it would be nice to be that little bit more organised in my life.
3) Stop smoking

I really thought falling pregnant would be a great deterrent for me to give up smoking! My first daughter was a small baby and so this time I have to have additional scans to monitor growth etc. Now though my daughter being small can not soul be put down to my smoking, I know it was a contributory factor.

So why haven’t I stopped? I panic at the thought! I really went a little crazy when I tried to stop last time, and though I have reached out for support no one has bothered to get back to me. I was meant to have a telephone consultation with a smoking cesation nurse, but she never called and then I got a letter through inviting me to a grip which only runs once a week on a day that I work so can’t attend.

Having said all of this, I have cut down. I am smoking less and hope that by the end of this month I have had the will power to stop naturally al, by myself. I guess that’s the best I can do! I definitely don’t feel as stressed with this pregnancy, probably because it is my second one. So fingers crossed the reduced stress levels should make it easier for me to give up.
4) Build on my planner insert business

I guess again ย this is something that hasn’t had much of my love and attention as of late and it has shown in my etsy sales. Having said that I definitely want to get back on top of things and really make my shop the best it can be. I am currently looking at all my listings and updating them as well as looking at potential new listings I can get on to increase sale options.

Along side this I have been asked to be part of the pamper and plan planner con goodie bags! So if you are going then keep your eye out for a selection of my inserts in your bag! I have to say I am quite excited about this, and hope this too will help boost sales.
5) Finish my book and get it published

This item has now been removed from my goals. The reason being that it was just too much for me to take on right now. I have my idea and do plan on continuing to work on the project, ย but for now I feel I have enough to focus on. But do watch this space as I do hope to come back to this at some point.
6) Get 500 followers on instagram

So when I set this goal I had around 100 followers and did think it may be a tall ask. Also throughout December I didn’t post os much as I would have liked. Which obviously didn’t help. However I am now trying to get back jn to the swing of things, ย and even set myself the challenge of taking part in the planner addict box January picture a day challenge. It’s not easy, and I have just realised I forgot to post yesterday, but it is the first day I have kissed and am going to do my best to not miss anymore!

So far my following is just over 300 so by that calculation I feel that I should be able to make my target of 5oo by the time the 6 months comes to an end.

I know I need to post as regularly as possible and showcase myself better, so that is what I am aiming to do! If you follow me already thank you so much! If there are posts you would like to see more of then please comment below. And if you don’t follow me and would like to, I’m @planwithhannah ๐Ÿ˜
So that’s you all updated. ย I have to say I don’t feel like I have achieved much at all so FAR! But I am glad that I have written this post because it has made me accountable for the goals that I have set and definitely spurred me in the right direction to get things done and hopefully see some improvements in the last leg of this journey.