Chat up a storm subscription box

Chat up a storm subscription box

I have finally bitten the bullet and signed up to my first planner orientated subscription box and have opted to go for the Storm in a Teacup box. I chose this one because unlike most subscriptions which send out the same thing to everyone, these boxes are taylor made to the individual. 

So many people I know will get a subscription box and then sell off half the items because it wasn’t their cup of tea. So the idea of a box arriving that was filled with items that were more suited to my taste really appealed to me.

There are different size boxes available too so they can be as cheap or expensive as you like…. The three sizes are £10, £15, and £20. And each box includes postage! You really can’t complain at all!!!

For my first box I decided on a £10 box just to see what it was like. And because I loved it so much I have increased my box to the £20 one as of next month!!!!

This is what I recieved in my box…

Being a Storm in a Teacup box I knew I would get some teabags. I am a huge tea drinker and love trying new flavours so I’m looking forward to trying these.

Then there are the stickers… A sheet of lovely mermaid decorative stickers and 2 sheets from Dream Big and Plan…. A small sheet which reminds me when to order and pay for my subscription and one to mark when it has been recieved. And a larger “plan time” sheet.

Next I got sticky notes, a ruler and a selection of paper clips. This selection is just stunning! I haven’t quite worked out how much going to use the mermaid paper clip yet as I don’t want it to get damaged in my planner…. If you have any ideas then please do share with me! And the littles ones are just perfect for holding a few pages together.

Finally there was a gorgeous skinny washi tape and a cute nail file. I absolutely adore this washi tape and can see it making its way into my diary next week!

So for £10 including postage I feel like I most definitely got my monies worth! I am very excited about my next box! I also loved it so much I have hatched a plan with Jenny and everyone in our family is going to receive a box from Santa every month as a way of reminding our children to behave! I will obviously blog about my planner box, but if people were interested in seeing my family boxes I’m happy to write something. Just drop me a comment below.

The Ideal Owl subscription unboxing

The Ideal Owl subscription unboxing

So as you know I subscribed to the Idea Owl TN monthly kit last month and was so excited for the Halloween one! And as expected I was not disappointed as you will soon see. 

But first I wanted to let you all know, this is the last subscription box for a while. The Idea Owl is taking a break so if you read this and wanted to subscribe, unfortunately you won’t be able to. She is due to relaunch her Facebook shop selling notebooks only in November, but you can still joing the group by clicking here. The company name has also changed and trading will be under Paper Trail Notebooks. 

So onto the kit… 

S​tunning right? And I have to say I was so pleased when I saw I got this notebook because it was my favourite out of all the papers she was using for this box!

As I mentioned the notebook, let’s have a close up pic of this first. 

Once again I went for the grid inside so I won’t bore you with that this time. As per usual the quality is awesome and totally what I expected.

Next we have the pen and washi tape. They are both brilliant! I love that the pen lid has a cute cat face on it and the washi tape is lovely with its little frames. I guess these could also be used for fancy bullet points on a to do list.

Finally we have the sticker sheet. I am a huge fan of Filofabulous, as I have probably mentioned before so I love that they join up to create these awesome stickers. I love how it totally ties in with the theme and notebook too. 

In fact, I love these stickers so much, that as an added extra I ordered some old stock of the sticker sheets and am over the moon with them all 😁

So that’s it for me today. Such a shame these boxes are stopping for the time being, but watch this space and keep everything crossed for their hopeful return!

The Idea Owl monthly TN kit unboxing

The Idea Owl monthly TN kit unboxing

So for the first time EVER I have signed up to a monthly subscription box! The main reason I went for this kit was because of the value of it. Unlike most kits which are around £20, this is only £7.50 including postage!

Obviously this kit is smaller than those that cost in the region of £20, but those kits tend to come with lots of bits I personally probably wouldn’t use. Yet another reason why this kit is just so perfect for me 🙂. So here is the kits in full…

I love the spotty bag it came packaged in! I may have to do something crafty with it…. Still not sure what yet!

So the individual items….

  1. The exclusive sticker sheet comes from filofabulouss. I have to say I love these stickers! And the combination of decor and functional boxes is awesome.
  2. The notebook. So for every subscription box there are 4 papers launched and you receive one of the chosen 4, but which one is a surprise! You do however get to choose the size of the TN notebook you want and the interior of them (plain, lined, dot grid or grid). I like grids in mine as you can see from the pic. The paper quality is awesome too!
  3. The pen is just divine! It’s so slim lined it will go perfectly with my planner! And I love that it is black ink. It writes beautifully too 🙂
  4. Finally the washi tape and all I can say is OMG! I love thin washi as it goes so well at the bottom of diary pages or to be used to break a box up. This washi is stunning!

So that’s the kit and I have to say I am really happy with it! Definitely worth the money and I can’t wait for next month!

*NB: The Idea Owl innovative longer trading or selling these subscription boxes. The notebooks can be purchased through the new trading name of Paper Trail Notebooks on Facebook.

Ugly Bug Box – unboxing!

Ugly Bug Box – unboxing!

So even though I have been an avid planner girl for many years, I have only recently been introduced to monthly subscription boxes.  And this week I purchased my first ever one, which arrived on Tuesday, and so I thought I would do a quick unboxing post with all my thoughts.

I went for the Ugly Bug box because I had seen so many pictures of stickers and planner spreads other people had done using her kit, I felt it was high time I tried it for myself.  I was lucky, because I managed to nab the last one too!  There’s a bit of a change going on in my diary, so I thought it would warrant me trying something else new.  Come back on Friday to find out more about that 😉

When the box arrived I instantly knew what it was!  The ugly bug logo on the front just made me smile!  I was told they got posted on Monday, so I was really shocked to see it arrive so quickly.  But that is promptness for you!

On opening my eyes were automatically drawn to the washi tape included!  I have to say I am a huge washi tape fan, and absolutely adore this one!  The autumnal colours are just perfect for October.  I have been looking for in the shops for something like this, but had been completely unable to find any.  So this definitely brought a smile to my face.  It is made by Bentola House and is 7m long so should hopefully last a good long while.

The pen is a beautiful gold colour with gems in one end which is lovely.  It is a black ball point biro, which writes really well.  I ca very fussy with my pens, but have to say this one will definitely be making it into my bag!

The paperclip is foxy and I love him!  I don’t use paperclips to mark pages, due to them falling off and marking my pages a lot of the time, but they do make lovely decoration.  Ugly Bug teamed up with Scarlet Moon Crafts and I have to say I will definitely be checking out her shop!  The link is below if you’re interested too…

The planner charm is equally as beautiful; with the spooky aspect of skull and haunted house, yet still put together in a very feminine manner.  This will be hooked up to my diary very soon! As I said before, come back next Friday to see this all unfold….

Last, but by no means least, are the Ugly Bug stickers, and I have to say they are divine!  Absolutely perfect for this season.  I love the countdown stickers that have been included, and I now find myself torn between the ones I already have of these ones…..  Decisions decisions….  Ha! All the functional stickers and boxes are just perfect, as well as the few strips of washi, which will definitely be used as the month goes on.

The only criticism I have with the box is that there is no sticker sheet for my monthly planner page.  For me, having these stickers would make this kit pretty unbeatable.  Having said that I am loving everything in the box, and it is brilliant value at £15 including postage!

Make sure you check out the shops when you get the chance….  Just to let you know The Ugly Bug store is closed until Monday 3rd October and will only be open on Monday’s and Tuesday’s. The November box will be available too, but you need to be quick!

Ugly Bug Does

Scarlet Moon Crafts