Planner girls collective: Dream planners

Planner girls collective: Dream planners

IMG_20170501_090555_455So when I was using ring planners my list was never ending! I wanted a Kikki K and Kate Spade planner as well as loads of different filofaxes. But then I moved to a TN and my thoughts on planners has changed….

I realised that finding planner peace was just as much about the inserts as it was about the cover. And I explained in my previous post why I prefer the inside of a TN compared to rings.

So that just leaves the cover… I spent ages trawling through Facebook, Instagram and Etsy; looking at all the TN covers on the market and trying to decide what would be the best value for money, that I would want to use long term.

The cover I decided for my everyday planner was bought from Sanatifactory. It is a soft leather with a hand-painted picture of Ariel on the front. It was custom made to my size preference of A6 and the price was very reasonable. The communication between myself and the seller was fantastic and she made sure I got exactly what I wanted. And being a huge Disney fan I guess it only makes sense that my dream planner ended up including them! Lol!

Since then I have been thinking about a work planner and want to stick with the TN route. Keeping track of my own expenses etc I think would be much easier to do in a TN 🙂. So my dream planner for this would be a foxy fix….

I do think I will buy more TNs over time and already have my eyes on something from these shops….

I guess the main thing I can say about planners. Once you’re hooked there is always a new design or shop that opens which you want to buy from. Your dreams change constantly along with your tastes and needs 🙂

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The planner girls collective: How I do my monthly overview

The planner girls collective: How I do my monthly overview

So for me this is the main place I plan. I carry this plan around with me in my pennybridge so I can always check what I’m doing.
Therefore literally everything goes on this! Lol! So it can be a bit busy…. At the moment as we are so close to the start of the month it’s not too bad.

By the end of the month there may be a few more appointments or notes in it so I will endeavour to show you once it is complete.

Due to my planning slump I can’t show you a previous month. So glad to be back into the swing of it all now though 😀

Please note all the stickers are from various stores on etsy. If you would like to know which ones then please drop me a comment below.

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The planner girls collective: my planning style

The planner girls collective: my planning style

So I showed you my array of planners last week and for this entry the main ones I am going to talk about is my personal pennybridge and my A5 household planner.

I won’t go into detail with the pennybridge as the main thing in here is my monthly overview (which will be discussed in detail and revealed next week) and my personal trackers. As I explained last week my trackers were starting in May so today is the start of my journey. I’m hoping the simple tick box structure will make it easy for me to keep track of everything. My determination to be healthier is so important to me now!

With regards to my household planner this has developed a bit over the past week! I have written up all the bills that are due this month and started my monthly financial tracker, and will discuss how my journey with this has panned out at the end of the month in my “Disorganisation of Motherhood” blog. I did not want to show pictures of this as I hope you can understand.

What I can show you is how this planner has now developed further….. I found myself beginning to write “to do” lists every morning at the end of April. With this in mind I felt it would be beneficial for me to design yet another sheet to add into this planner. And this is what I have come up with….

So I have my top 3 priorities for the day, then a “to do” list section. I’ve left space for any phone calls I need to make too. Then I thought a schedule would be helpful so I can map out things that have to be done at certain times; school runs and any appointments etc. I haven’t put a month’s worth in the planner as didn’t want to bulk it out too much. I’m hoping this system will work and again I will review this in my “Disorganisation of Motherhood” blog at the end of the month.

So this is how I plan at the moment! It is constantly changing dependant on my needs but for now this system will hopefully work for me!

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Planner girls collective: why I love/use my planner

Planner girls collective: why I love/use my planner

So I stepped away from this group for a while but I am happy to say, I’m now back! And I couldn’t have thought of a better post to come back to…. I have been very bad at planning recently due to my pregnancy (please check out mydisorganisation of motherhood blog for more details) but am now getting back into the swing of it all!
So I actually have three blog series and each link to a different planner! Lol! But I thought this would be a good place to introduce them all to you.

So let me beging with the two that relate to my other series as I will go into more details with them there….

First is my household planner. So for this one I am using an A5 Carpe Diem planner.

I have designed this one to keep track of my cleaning and household finances. As I am on maternity leave money is much tighter than usual so felt this budget tracker would be a good way of really keeping track of all the things I spend money on. I plan on making some pockets for each month to store receipts too so I can really be accountable for every single penny!

The other element of this planner is my cleaning schedule. I have designed something that allows me to quickly keep track of how well I am doing with my cleaning! With three young children at home keeping a tidy house is difficult but something I am determined to become much better at!
For more details regarding this planner please follow my “Disorganisation of Motherhood” blog which will be added to every Friday.
My second planner really is a work in progress…. I am determined to become more spiritual and wanted to start keeping a much more detailed journal of my journey with this. I am starting counselling too and feel these things will link together quite nicely.

Due to how I want this diary to work I am having an A5 Travellers Notebook made… I have never used one of these before but after extensive research this seems like the best option. My external cover is yet to be made and paid for so right now I just have a bunch of these notebooks that I have made for myself.

To make my notebooks I have used A4 100gsm dark cream paper and Santoro 12×12 scrapbook paper to make the covers. If you would like a more detailed tutorial then please do comment below.

For more information regarding these and my journey please check out “My spiritual journey” blog which will be added to each Wednesday.

Finally my daily planner which is the one I will be discussing most in this blog. For this I have a Filofax Pennybridge personal size planner. It doubles up as my purse so is always on me! And this only has my essentials.

I have found that when it comes to daily planning I just wasn’t very good at daily or weekly planning. All I wanted was something that gave me a snapshot of what I have going on. So my monthly spreads were so important to me! This is the only element of the diary I have here. For me it works best.
My next section are personal trackers that I feel are important to me. They are all health orientated really, focusing on areas of my life I want to improve or just monitor. I am determined to give up smoking so wanted to track and limit my intake to no more than 10 a day.I have got quite bad with my hydration and fruit/veg intake so wanted to be more accountable to myself for that. I know how important they both are!And then finally I wanted to keep an eye on my sleep. I’m due to give birth soon so am currently waking up a lot in the night and when the baby arrives I’m sure I will also be waking up to breastfeed so thought it would be nice to just keep an eye to make sure I am getting the rest I need!

The only other section I keep here is some notes pages. The ones in the purse are the sheets the filofax came with initially but I have some nice paper chase ones to put in when these have run out.

The diary still needs dividers which I am having made. I promise to share them with you when they arrive.

All these planners are set up and ready to use as of the beginning of May. I am purposely giving myself one final week to prepare them all and be ready for a more accountable lifestyle! Having the baby brain that I do tracking everything simply as well as having an outlet for journaling I believe will help develop me as a person and as a busy mum. I will keep you all updated of my progress of course!

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Planner Girls Collective: Planner overview

Planner Girls Collective: Planner overview

Welcome to the new year and new round of posts from the Planner Girl Collective (formerly known as Confessions of a Plannerholic).  This is the first post of a regular series, and I aim to post every Monday as part of the group.  I will also link below all the other bloggers taking part in this series.
Right, back to the topic in hand; my planner overview… 2016 started with such good intentions, and I had lots of time to plan and be organised.  Then my life got a little chaotic towards the end of the year which led to my planning going pear shaped to say the least!  In actual fact it completely stopped!!!  I know I did a blog last week where I discussed a bit about this, and showed you my new layouts for the new year, so I wont bore you with all the details all over again.

I guess one of the reasons why last year was a bit of a struggle for me was really choosing my planner size and style of insert.  I did have an A5 planner which I loved, but felt it was too big for a while, so moved into a personal sized filofax.  And I have to say I do still love that planner.  But it got to a point where I just had so much to put in every day that I couldn’t fit everything on.  I also started a new job around the same time as this dilemma and felt that for work purposes having an A5 again would be much more convenient!  lol!

So I took the plunge and indulged in a second hand Carpe Diem and have not looked back since!  The size is perfect for me!  I don’t really carry my planner about with me in my day to day activities, but it is with me for work and is always out when I am at home.  This works really well for me, though I have to say I am considering getting myself a pocket size diary to keep in my handbag at all times just to make quick notes of personal appointments etc that I can then transfer into my A5 when planning neatly!  But this is something that is still to come…

When I made the move from my personal size to my A5 I decided to keep the same layout that I had previously had; a 2 day per page spread.  I felt this gave me just enough space and I could separate everything I needed to do.  But I soon found that I just had too much space, and with going back to work having to plan every four days was just getting too much for me.  I wanted to get back to regular planning as well.  I missed sitting down on a Sunday evening and just getting all my bits out and planning!  So now with the new year here I thought it was time for a change, and went back to a nice weekly spread.  It is this spread that I would be sharing on my instagram, as well as my monthly spreads.

However being as forgetful as I am I felt it would also benefit me to try out a daily spread which I have used to track things such as my fluid intake and my diet.  I am trying to be healthy though being pregnant am finding I am eating like a pig at times!  lol!  I am also trying to manage my time a lot better so I can be organised and stay on top of my life rather than let my life get on top of me.

Fingers crossed moving forward my planning will be much more functional and successful!  Please follow me on instagram if you would like to see regular pictures of my planning.  And I will blog more about the process I use with planning and how successful my system is going.  If you would like to see pictures of my most recent set up, please look back at my earlier post this month.

Confessions of a plannerholic… A-Z of Planning

Confessions of a plannerholic… A-Z of Planning


Confession: Planning is definitely something that has not come naturally to me, and I imagine most people feel the same.  So this is my list of things that have helped me get my planner to where it is now and as organised.  I hope you find this helpful…..

A – Always be true to yourself and your planner needs.  DO NOT be dragged into “making it look pretty” if that isn’t your thing.  If your planner doesn’t match your personality and needs then you will struggle to use it.

B – Be as creative as you want!  Not everyone can afford to spend hundreds (and I mean hundreds) of pounds on stickers on etsy!  Find other ways to make your planner work for you.  DO NOT buy stickers just because everyone else does

C – Consider what you want your planner for…. People use planners for a variety of reasons.  The three main ones I use is my daily personal size (which you have seen pictures of), a personal websters pages to keep track of my etsy shop and blog, and an A5 for all of my pen pal information and letters.  One of the things I have already found is that my websters pages is not being used much, and actually this planner probably isn’t needed.  But now I want another A5 specifically for the house and household things!  lol!

D – Do your research!  This may sound silly but planners and planner supplies do not come cheap!  Follow C and then do your research.  Make sure you get what is right for you.  IF you want stickers but can’t afford the expensive ones then look for cheaper alternatives.  There are many companies out there wo do lovely stickers at very reasonable prices.  Planners also come at varying expenses so don’t think you have to get the most expensive one on the market, try and find one that really suits you and your needs

E – Etsy is your friend as well as your bank balances enemy!  Let me tell you now, once you start it is very hard to stop!

F – Filofaxes are NOT the only planners out there!  If you’re new to the planner world then do not be sucked into always buying this brand.  Don’t get me wrong they are amazing, but there are many others out there so have a good shop round.  Some of the other ring bound planners you can get are Kikki K, Dokibook, Carpe Diem to name a few

G – Get crafty and personalize!  There are so many different accessories that you are likely to want once you get into planning, but remember a lot of it you can always make yourself.  Have a go, you may be pleasantly surprised at how much you can save

H – Have fun!  As much as a planner is there to help you stay organised, if you don’t like it you’re less likely to look at it and therefore it would completely defeat the object of planning!

I – Inserts must be fit for purpose!  One of the main things I have found with planning, is if your inserts are right, then you’re half way toward planner peace

J – Journaling is very therapeutic.  People use their planners from so many different things apart from actual daily planning.  The biggest being journaling; such as art or gratitude journaling.  If you have more than one planner (which trust me will happen), don’t let them sit empty on a shelf, try out other ideas

K – Keep going!  We all go through planner ruts!  This could be longing over a particular planner, or just not feeling the insert you’re using.  Talk to others (UKPA is awesome for that) and shake things up a bit if you can.  You never know what results you may get doing this.

L – Learn from others.  When it comes to planning I am always on pintrest and instagram looking at all the pictures of how others layout their planners so I can get ideas of what may work better for me

M – Mon they subscription planner boxes! These are definitely a brilliant essential to a planner girls life. Not all require regular monthly subscriptions, so it wives you flexibility which is massively important. There are quite a lot out there, but the ones I would recommend are Miss Brimbles and Ugly Bug.

N – No spend time is highly likely!  With all the pretty things that are out there to buy planner related, most of us take at least a month or so of each year out of buying planner stuff.  It normally means having a small pot at the end of the month which you will probably end up blowing on planner stuff anyway, but it’s always a nice achievement if you succeed!

O – Oliclips are a great way to bunch papers together. I’ll be honest I’ve never used them, but I currently have my eye on a few so this may change soon… 😉

P – Planners are your friend.  Being organised and keeping track of my daily life definitely helps with my baby brain!  I would definitely forget to do things if it wasn’t for my planner!

Q – Quiet time to plan is essential! Give yourself some “you time” to do this. You deserve IT! I always wait until the kids are in bed and Gavin is catching up on his TV to have some me time to chill and plan.

R – Rings are best!  Sorry girls, I could never leave the rings!  There are many other types of planner systems (Erin Condren, Happy Planner, Bullet journaling) but the flexibility that comes with rings will always be my preference.  It’s so nice to be able to feel like a change in cover and just be able to pop it all out and straight into another planner!  Or if you want to put a new section in, or take a section out then you can.

S – Stickers are awesome and highly addictive!!!!  My diary would look very plain and boring without them!  Being not very artistic, being able to buy functional stickers that allow me to plan in a pretty way.  My favourite shops at the moment are The Poppy Paperie and Happy Cutie Studio.

T – Try different planning methods to find one that suits you.  The whole point of having a planner is to have something that you find helps you map out your daily activities.  People end up coming up with many different ways of planning such as bullet journaling in a ring bound planner.  You need to find your own style.

U – Understand you! Your planner should be an extension of you and your personality. You need to find a system that works for you. I know I have probably said this already but it really is the most essential part of planning. Planning shouldn’t be a chore but something fun and helpful.

V – Voucher codes! I don’t think I would be able to fund my sticker addiction without these! Join facebook groups and check instagram for all the codes for planner shops on etsy, they really can save you a fortune!

W – Washi tape is brilliant!  You can use it for so many different things, but one of my favourite ways of using it is to reinforce my planning pages so that they look pretty as well as less likely to end up falling out.

X – Sorry got no clue on this one! If you can think of anything pleas comment below 🙂

Y – You Tube is a brilliant source for so many things that come into planning.  There are so many tutorials on how to make things planner related, plan with me videos and many more.  Use this to your advantage!!!!

Z – zzz…. so we have come to the end, and yet again I have nothing for Z! Lol! If you have stuck with me till the end thank you! I really hope you found this useful!?

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Confessions of a plannerholic… Halloween bucket list

Confessions of a plannerholic… Halloween bucket list


Confession:  I don’t really do bucket lists, but in good spirit of the series and because I know there are going to be quite a few, I thought it would be  good time to start.  Also, this year I get to go trick or treating for the first time in ages so it may be quite fun!  lol!

So here goes…. I’m guessing mine will be a lot shorter than others….

  1. Go trick or treating
  2. Try apple bobbing
  3. Get dressed up
  4. Go to a halloween party
  5. Attend a scary Halloween walk

I know it’s short, but I thought I would give it a go. I managed to achieve all bar 2 and 3 on my list which was nice…. apple bobbing I may try next year, and the dressing up too.

Arya on the other hand did get to dress up and she looked super cute!

Will link all the other bloggers below for you to have a read 🙂