Plan with me: week 5 of 2018

Plan with me: week 5 of 2018

Sorry for yet another quiet week. Unfortunately my health has not been amazing and I have recently been diagnosed with fibromyalgia 😔.

Having said that my mind is very positive right now and I have lots of projects in the pipeline so I am keeping my fingers crossed that something positive will still come from it.

And there will be most posts this week I promise!

So on with this week’s plan with me…. This week has taken on a completely new form due to this kit not having any full boxes. This is a kit I bought from Hazy Days before I started using inserts like this and would have liked the full boxes. This kit is sold as individual sheets and I didn’t get the full boxes at the time. But rather than spend more money, I thought I would just get creative 😁

I’ve added some decor from The Ginger Cat Co and a quote from Away with the fairies which I’m hoping to use as my motto for the week…. I’ve got quite a few things I want to get done so fingers crossed!

Hope you enjoyed reading. Any questions just ask 😁

Plan with me: week 4 of 2018

Plan with me: week 4 of 2018

Firstly let me apologise for this post being later than usual. We have had a very busy weekend which included a family emergency so I didn’t have time to fully edit this post and get my pictures sorted. So without further delay…..

As I mentioned in my first plan with me post, not all the kits I had were 100% suitable for my new inserts. This kit is one of those….. I decided to use a personal size kit from Molly Creations and due to it only being a personal kit it did not come with any full boxes…. But I wasn’t going to let that phase me!

Over last year I managed to build up a collection of full box sheets due to buying stickers second hand or winning them in various competitions. So I had a flick through and decided to go with a sheet of boxes from The Plump Planner. Though I was trying to use different kits every week, this was the only set of full boxes I had that I felt would fit best with the personal kit I wanted to use. As the full boxes were yellow and the main colours in the personal kit was pink and blue, I decided to also add some decor to my daily columns using butterflies from The Ginger Cat Co to tie the colour and themes together. I definitely feel this option has worked and have already decided to buy more sheet of boxes to try and use up the kits that I already have. I feel like this would be the cheaper option! Lol!

Finally, as an added touch, Filofabulous does some amazing decor stickers and I was really drawn to this girl to use in this spread just to fill up that blank space on the final page. I’m definitely happy with how I have been able to pull together a variety of shops to get such a brilliant spread full of colour 😁

Plan with me: week 3 of 2018

Plan with me: week 3 of 2018

Last week was full of ups and downs for me. The main downs were being left in crippling pain, which has actually left me in bed for most of today 😔

My mind on the other hand is working just fine, and I have been working on a new project, which I will share with you at some point. But this is why this blog has taken a bit of a step back. I do plan to get a little better though moving forward, and have got some posts lined up for next week.

So on with my plans for the coming week. Due to me trying to wear my girl boss hat so that I can really focus on what I’m doing and how I am moving forward, I decided to use this stunning kit from The Plump Planner. This is definitely by far one of my favourite shops on line for good value for money kits! They are all very stunning and go absolutely perfectly with my current layout with just the right amount of stickers. 

The only down side to this shop…. They aren’t open all the time. She opens on a Friday evening and closes after reaching a certain number of sales. So if you want to browse her stuff in the meantime, check her out on Instagram.

Plan with me: week 2 of 2018

Plan with me: week 2 of 2018

Following a similar strategy to what I had last week I have used a kit from The Ginger Cat Co. and once again I am in love with my new set up. This kits is actually a collection of individual sheets which follow the same design and colour scheme. It can be used for more than one week as well which I think makes it even better value for money! 

As with last week I have used decor stickers on the weekly spread and then full boxes on my daily column. I felt that it only right to throw a unicorn or two into the mix as soon as practically possible so here they are!

1st planner meet of 2018

1st planner meet of 2018

This week has continued to be a whirlwind and I am still finding myself trying to get organised! My level 10 life planner is slowly coming together and I can’t wait to share it with you!

I did get the wonderful opportunity to attend a planner meet in Nottinghamshire at one of my planner friends (Kerry May), who has an amazing blog which I highly recommend you check out here.

The best thing about this meet was I could bring both my girls along! However, that meant a silly amount of packing…. a suitcase and big  bag to accommodate baby stuff as well as planner stuff for both Arya and myself.

Arya got into planning massively and loves being creative. She had a go at painting and was so engrossed it was lovely to see. 

Lilly I think stole the show a little (but then I am a little biased!) And made everyone smile when we did our planner stack! I know there are loads of planners, and I’m sure there was only about 10 of us there! Mind you, I bought 3! Ha!

There was a lovely swaps table too and Arya was able to pimp up her planner a bit and didn’t actually want to put it down when it was time to go! So happy to see that my planner passions has extended to her 😁

Plan with me: week 1 of 2018

Plan with me: week 1 of 2018

I had to start the year right, and with my new layout I’ve actually discovered a lot of my kits aren’t going to work right on their own so many will be combined….. That said, the kit I have used to start the year has been perfect! 

This kit is from Lily and Meko Designs and I will definitely be buying from her again! The quality of the kit is amazing and was well worth the wait (she’s based in America)! There is the perfect amount of decorative stickers as well as boxes and functional stickers to use in both my weekly spread and my daily columns.

The method I am trying out first is using decorative stickers and little flags on my weekly spread, then the boxes, half boxes and weekend banner on my daily columns. I feel this most definitely makes the week much more complete and also deals with the blank space at the top of my daily columns (don’t know if you noticed that in my post Planning for 2018, but is was bugging me as to what it was there…. And so I felt this would be an ideal way to utilise it 😉

Anyway, here’s to a fantastic year! I hope it is as good for you as I plan it will be for me x

My level 10 life: preparation

My level 10 life: preparation

As I mentioned in my post Planning for 2018, I an going to implement the Level 10 life into my routine to help bring better structure to my life.
This is an invention of Hal Elrod and was part of his book The Miracle Morning (this is a link to buy on Amazon, but is not an affiliate link). As I decided to try this method out I thought rather than just go off other people’s blog, I would buy the book myself and give it a read. And what a read it was! It took all of one afternoon to read it because I just couldn’t put it down! If you are looking for an inspirational book to give you a boost in life then I would definitely recommend this one.

The book does say to start as soon as possible but I want to make sure I am prepared for this because I want to make it part of my daily life so that I develop a morning routine for me. So I’m giving myself the rest of this week to fully prepare ready for Monday.

One of the things that I have definitely learnt from reading this book is the benefits of doing things in the morning. I have often told myself I wanted to start running but never know when Gavin will be home from work to look after the children. However, if I were to flip this, get up early and run whilst the three of them are still in bed then problem solved!

There was an awful lot that I took in from this book and wanted to take the time to ensure I completed it properly. And as I want to take you all on my journey of life transformation I thought I would dedicate a whole section in my blog to this particular topic.

As this post suggests it only seem right to begin with preparing myself for this challenge and ensuring I have everything ready so that when Monday comes I am organised and ready to put everything into action.

What do you need in order to start this miracle morning you may ask? Well there are some basic questions that require answering to get the level 10 outcomes I really want (see my next post for these in more detail) and then there’s the necessary equipment. Basically a ton of planners! Ha!

As I had previously mentioned I have my A6 notebook (picture at the top) from Plan Big Printables which was what inspired me to take on this challenge in the first place. Having something one constantly to remind me of my vision I feel is really important and it’s nice to have everything in one place.

Next I have got my spiritual journal.

This is one area of my life that I feel has been lacking quite significantly. And as the life S.A.V.E.R.S tie in so nicely with this concept I am going to be integrating this into my new morning regieme. I want to use this journal as a therapeutic outlet (as it is a colouring book) as well as making small daily journal entries.

The pages in this planner are stunning and as I don’t really have much use for a monthly layout for a spiritual aspect I have decided to use these to create my blog schedule.

The last planner I have is still a work in progress really. I decided to put my A5 planner to some good use and put all my affirmations, and vision boards in here. That way as I develop and change I can change this to suit my needs. There isn’t much in it yet as I really wanted to get this post out and am still in the process of setting it up. Once it is done I will obviously do a flip through.

The final item I have got is a new set of colouring pens which you can rub out! As I have a few things to colour in this year I thought I would try these pens out and see how I get on. The quality seems perfect for my planners.

Wish me luck on this new venture and I promise to feed back and let you know how I’m getting on 😁