Plan with me: December 2017

Plan with me: December 2017

As I now have a monthly spread I thought I would share it with you πŸ˜‰

It’s very simple and doesn’t have too much on it but I like simple! I really struggled to find a kit that I liked and ended up going for this kit by Hazy Days UK, which is technically an Erin Condren kit which I have trimmed down to get it to fit. I had the days of the week left over from other kits I’ve used in the past and have also added some Christmas decor from Molly Creations (use HANNAH15 for 15% off orders Β£8 or more).

I still can’t get over how quickly this year is coming to an end! And I still feel like my life is a disorganised mess! Ha! But hey at least there’s a new year’s resolution right there….

Have you got any big plans for December?? Or Christmas??

Plan with me… Week 48 of 2017

Plan with me… Week 48 of 2017

So this past weekend has been so crazy busy everything has gone to pot! I’ve only just got round to finishing my planner for this week so I know it’s late! I am hoping to be a bit more organised with my blog posts moving forward…

So this is my last week planning in my November book and to keep with this month’s theme I have used another mermaid kit by Wonderland Planner. When I ordered these I wasn’t using such a detailed planner so I got smaller kits. Thankfully I still had plenty of stickers left from the mermaid kit from Molly Creations and the colours matched perfectly! Also my glitter washi really complimented the kit.

So although this is late I am really pleased with how it turned out 😁. I’ve kept things quite minimalistic this week….

I hope you like my planning style and if you have any questions just ask πŸ˜‰

Sticker haul: Peppermint planner

Sticker haul: Peppermint planner

Last month there were a few sticker sales going on and due to my recent discovery of cheaper shipping to the UK from other countries I have been using the sale opportunities to buy stickers from further afield.

One shop I have been following on Instagram for a while is Peppermint Planner and so when I saw their shop was taking part in a sale I just had to order! I will not lie from ordering to recieving took 6 weeks, but oh my goodness it was well worth the wait! 

I don’t think I have ever ordered so many stickers from one shop and there were some lovely freebies thrown in as well. I bought 25 sheets in total so plus my freebies it was a big haul. Well worth the money and wait!

So onto my order….

Here are the freebies I recieved. And I love the large die cut with my name on it! It’s just perfect! I plan on laminating it and putting it somewhere in my planner for sure!

Next we have some words for cancelled appointments, especially the ones that have annoyed me as there is a lot of language used in these! Then there are some hedgehog boxes with peeking hedgehogs which are just so cute! They will definitely be used for marking key things! We then have the paint swatches which again are just lovely and an awesome way to make a header or appointment stand out on your page. Last on the picture are some smaller boxes with peaking animals. Some boxes are blank and others are prepopulated with phrases. I have to say that I didn’t realise the boxes would be quite so small so they couldn’t really be used to mark appointments. But I was thinking for a cuter way to track weight these would be ideal!

Next we have my unicorns and emu stickers. I have definitely developed a fetish for unicorns since my sticker addiction has grown! They are just the cutest animals to have in your planner without a shadow of a doubt! The first sheet says “buy food”, then the next lot to me are mainly decorative apart from one column which says “laundry day”. Finally we have “unicorn nap” stickers which I felt I just had to have because I will very often on my days off have an afternoon nap with my girls 😁. Then the emu sheet says “mama needs her coffee” and I felt they would be the most appropriate for the day after one of my children have kept me awake the night before! Lol! I’m sure there are plenty of mum’s out there who understand where I’m coming from with that one!

Next we have some various word stickers. I have to say Peppermint Planner has loads of word stickers, probably the biggest collection I have seen and so many of them could be used to sum up some of my days. If you like pretty words, or swearing stickers she really is a genius 😁

Next we have even more word stickers, and out of this collection the “clean shit” and “sticker spree” are probably my favourites. I very often feel like all I do is clean and I hate it because as soon as I have cleaned, it seems to get messy again so all my hard work was for nothing! But that’s why I think this still is perfect because it sums up exactly how I feel when I know house work needs doing. And it’s so nice to finally have a sticker for my sticker sprees! I am absolutely awful for them, although so far this month I have been quite good. I’ve not made a single purchase on Etsy and have only spent Β£3 on some washi tape. A vast improvement for me I have to say!

Next we have more words, andI hope you can see them clearly. And once again they have bad language in them which does pretty much emulate the way I speak when not at work or around the children! 

And finally we have some decorative stickers. I am absolutely loving this whole peek-a-boo sticker craze that quite a few shops are having. And I would have to say that the quality of these are far more superior than others I have purchased!

I cannot stress enough how brilliant the quality of all these stickers are! They peel off beautifully and for the price you really cannot grumble! I would highly recommend this shop.

Plan with me… Week 47 of 2017

Plan with me… Week 47 of 2017

Apologies for this post being a day late! But I’ve had a mega busy weekend which still did not appear to have enough hours in it for me to get everything done! I am hoping next week will run a little smoother….

In keeping with the mermaid theme I have had going on this month, this week I have used a personal size kit from The Ginger Cat Co. As it is a personal size kit there aren’t as many stickers available to me like there was last week, but I felt there was still enough to get a decent spread and I do still have some left over. I have used a few functional stickers from other shops as per usual, but the kit is still the main feature.

I really like the amount of stickers in this personal kit because there is enough to have a detailed week with some lovely decor stickers too. 

So here are my pages… First my week to view 

And now the individual days.

As you can see my week is a little barer than last week, but that’s because I wanted to keep it simpler and I don’t have as much on.

Hope have enjoyed this. Please share your plans below x

Plan with me… Week 46 of 2017

Plan with me… Week 46 of 2017

As I had so much fun doing a traditional plan with me post last week, I’ve decided to give my blog a bit of a shake up and post a traditional “plan with me” every Sunday 😁.

This week I decided to use a kit from Katies Sticker Company based in Ireland. I was fortunate enough to win some shop credit through Hazy Days birthday celebration earlier this year and my prize was 3 full EC kits. This is the first one I have used and decided on this one so that I could give my November diary a bit of a theme…. MERMAIDS 😍

First up is my week at a glance and there isn’t a great deal on this one…. But my week looks a lot busier once you break down to the daily pages….

I’ve included all my daily pages this time as I realise I loved this set up so much I didn’t want to leave Sunday out! Lol!

I have definitely found using full EC kits is much nicer than the smaller personal kits as I have to fill 8 pages a week so having the additional stickers is definitely worth while for me. 

I hope you have enjoyed this post and it’s has given you some further inspiration of other ways your EC kits can be used in other planners 😁

Plan with me… Week 45 of 2017

Plan with me… Week 45 of 2017

This is probably the first time I will have done a traditional plan with me post! But I just couldn’t resist as the kit I have used is just awesome!!!!

As you are aware I am a PR girl for Molly Creations (use HANNAH15 for 15% off when you spend Β£8) and last month she sent me her mermaid weekly kit which was just stunning! I had seen pictures of it and had it on my wish list so was over the moon when I got it in my pack 😁

I decided to go for the full Erin Condren weekly kit because even though I use an A6 TN I love the full boxes and decor options you can get from these kits. And this is yet another reason why I wanted to share this post with you because it shows how a kit designed for one planner can be adapted into a different one.

The inserts I use are from Plan Big Printables and I love them! I got the Ret of 2017 and all of 2018 in one order and the files are separated into months perfectly. The other thing I love about these inserts is, unlike other shops, she uses a full sheet of A4 which means 4 pages (front and back) for my A6 TN on one sheet! So not only was it good value for money but also great on paper wastage too as there is none!

The inserts I use give me a week overview followed by a day per page so plenty of space to use such a big kit!

Here is my weekly overview page….

And here are all my pages up until Saturday. Sunday is normally my lazy day so I don’t tend to fill this day in till nearer the end of the week! Lol!

There are a few other stickers which aren’t from Molly, but either had been mentioned in another post, or is going to be….. And the washi tape is from my own collection. 

I hope this give you some inspiration as to how you can use an EC kit in another planner. If you do the same I’d love to see your pages so please share in the comments πŸ˜‹

Plan with me: decluttering and reorganising

Plan with me: decluttering and reorganising

Firstly I would like to apologise for the delay in this post getting out to you all. Having recently returned to work I am learning to juggle a full time job, 2 children and my blog and it is taking a little longer than I had hoped to settle into a routine. But I am getting there! I do need to work on my productivity a little though…. But that’s for another post.

As I mentioned in my Autumn planner set up post I was considering changing my layout because I felt there was far too much in my diary that I just wasn’t using…. So I decided to have a declutter before November began and try a new system for the remainder of the year.

So what have I done? I’ve sat at my photocopier and managed to turn 4 books into front and back sheets to go round my usual monthly insert! Sounds a little long winded but for me that has cut back on a lot of wastage in my planner and given me more options for decorating 😁

Let’s walk through this new booklet… We start with my “month at a glance” insert. I still love this insert and its simplicity. It’s perfect for simple reflections. I won’t go into great detail but if you want to know more about this insert then check out my post from September.

The following 2 pages is a month on 2-page spread which is undated from The Punk Planner and gives plenty of options for decorating which I love! I know it’s plain at the moment but this is because I am awaiting stickers! Lol! 

After this I have got my personal habit tracker, which is a printable from Colour my planner. What I love about this is I have to make an agreement with myself and sign it! It gives me one task to focus on in a month and achieve. As you can see this month I am focusing on my new job as I have got loads of CPD that has to be done by the end of the month! So I am aiming to do at least one module every day. And my reward on completion…. Stickers of course! I have stashed away some money specific for my reward and I am hoping I am all done by black Friday as I am on a sticker purchasing ban until all this work is complete! 

There is also a space on the next page to mark habits for each day. I have added a few general personal ones which I feel I need to work on.

The next 2 pages also come from the habit tracker and is technically a spread where I can list as many habits as can fit on a page. However I intend to use this to track my PR and blog stuff. I haven’t quite finalised the design in my head yet but these are the pages ready to be filled in.

Finally I have my inspiration board which is also from the habit tracker. Here I plan on putting pictures to encourage me to achieve my goals that I have set out for the month. I love this idea and am hoping to have some time to do this tomorrow.

These pages are a mesh of different inserts and in different orders but my intention was to bring the bits I needed together so that I can declutter my planner and make it much more easier to navigate through. I bought a lovely set of dashboards from Away with the Fairies Co. and am using these to help divide up my new booklet… 

So the laminated one is my main cover, with the ascertate behind it and the the velum is a divide between my trackers at the start and my diary pages. I am using the magnetic clip to keep my tracker pages together as I know I will not need to open them too often in the day, and plan to make myself a “today” bookmark at some point too!

Putting all of these inserts together into the order I wanted was very time consuming I will not lie. But now I have done it I couldn’t be happier! And I really feel like my planner has been decluttered!

I hope this has given you some inspiration of how you can declutter your planner. And I would love to hear how you have decluttered you planner in the past in the comments below 😁


I am sorry this is a day late in coming out, but I did mention in my last Molly Creations post there was a small giveaway and all you had to do was comment on your favourite Molly Creations stickers and follow my blog. First let me say thank you to all those who entered. The winner is…..

 An Academic Planner!!!

Congratulations! If you could send me a private message through Facebook or Instagram with your address and I’ll get the stickers into the post for you tomorrow 😁