DIY – laminated dashboards

DIY – laminated dashboards

I love the idea of creating different things for planners and am learning how to make different items for my TN. 

I wanted to make a laminated dashboard for the front of my planner that was pretty and functional… Here’s how I did it.

As I use an A6 TN, the postcards you can buy from paperchase are the perfect size and I loved the message on this one.

I then rounded off the two outside corners using a corner punch. I purchased this one ages ago from Amazon, but they are widely available in all good craft stores.

On the back of the postcard I stuck a print out I have of all my family members birthdays on. That way I can’t say I forgot! Lol! 

Then I had to choose what to use on the back…. I had some lovely samples of scrapbook papers given to me that were also A6 size so decided to use two of these to make a very simple pocket at the back.

I chose the scrapbook paper I wanted to use for the pocket and trimmed it down to the size I wanted the pocket to be.

Now to laminate….

This is a stage that needs to be done with care and accuracy.

The front and back parts of the dashboard need to be lined up, leaving a small gap (approximately 1cm apart dependant on how much space you would like in-between them, I will explain at the end) and then the pocket put on a spare bit in your laminating pouch. For some planner sizes you may need to use two laminating sheets.

The back picture needs to go on the left and have the picture side down. Then the front goes on the right facing upwards.

Put the dashboard through the laminator. I always do it at least twice to be doubly sure the seals around the paper is tight.

Once laminated cut around the pocket and then around the dashboard (keeping the two sides together. Then fold the dashboard in half.

Then use some decorative washi tape to stick your pocket in place. I chose this roll.

And there you have it a completed laminated dashboard! And why the gap in-between the two parts? Well that is so you can put a notebook in-between them comfortably like this 🙂

I hope you’ve found this another informative tutorial. Any comments on further tutorials you would like would be much appreciated!

DIY pocket for your travellers notebook

DIY pocket for your travellers notebook

So in order to store stickers in my travellers notebook (TN) I made my own pockets for my diary (see below). This is a basic tutorial of how I made the 2-pocket version. If you would like a tutorial on the 4 pocket then let me know 😀

So the pockets I have made is for an A6 TN. I will try to explain my method in a way that will make it transferable to any size TN.


  • 12×12 sheet of decorative paper (preferably double sided)
  • Sticky back plastic (optional)
  • Glue or double sided tape
  • Scissors
  • Sheet of A4 paper or TN notebook


  1. Line up your sheet of A4 paper (or TN notebook of a different size) and add 2cm to your measurement
  2. Cut off any excess
  3. Measure approximately half of the length of your notebook and add this to the length of your notebook. This is for the pocket.
  4. Again cut off any excess
  5. Measure 1cm on each side and fold up
  6. Draw a line where the bottom of the note book is
  7. Fold up the bottom to make a flap
  8. Cut off the little side bits of your flap so that it lays flat when folded up. I put a small angle at the top and bottom of the side flaps that are left
  9. Fold the paper in half
  10. Cut a small triangle starting at the point where your marks are for the bottom of your notebook, getting bigger to the bottom of the page
  11. Fold up your now 2 flaps and glue your side flaps over
  12. Your pocket is now complete! Feel free to decorate however you like 😀
  13. If you want to you can cover the front in sticky-back plastic to give a shiny finish like this one

    If there are any other tutorials you would like me to do then please just comment below.

    Thanks for reading