Planner girls collective: why I love/use my planner

Planner girls collective: why I love/use my planner

So I stepped away from this group for a while but I am happy to say, I’m now back! And I couldn’t have thought of a better post to come back to…. I have been very bad at planning recently due to my pregnancy (please check out mydisorganisation of motherhood blog for more details) but am now getting back into the swing of it all!
So I actually have three blog series and each link to a different planner! Lol! But I thought this would be a good place to introduce them all to you.

So let me beging with the two that relate to my other series as I will go into more details with them there….

First is my household planner. So for this one I am using an A5 Carpe Diem planner. 

I have designed this one to keep track of my cleaning and household finances. As I am on maternity leave money is much tighter than usual so felt this budget tracker would be a good way of really keeping track of all the things I spend money on. I plan on making some pockets for each month to store receipts too so I can really be accountable for every single penny!

The other element of this planner is my cleaning schedule. I have designed something that allows me to quickly keep track of how well I am doing with my cleaning! With three young children at home keeping a tidy house is difficult but something I am determined to become much better at!

For more details regarding this planner please follow my “Disorganisation of Motherhood” blog which will be added to every Friday.
My second planner really is a work in progress…. I am determined to become more spiritual and wanted to start keeping a much more detailed journal of my journey with this. I am starting counselling too and feel these things will link together quite nicely.

Due to how I want this diary to work I am having an A5 Travellers Notebook made… I have never used one of these before but after extensive research this seems like the best option. My external cover is yet to be made and paid for so right now I just have a bunch of these notebooks that I have made for myself. 

To make my notebooks I have used A4 100gsm dark cream paper and Santoro 12×12 scrapbook paper to make the covers. If you would like a more detailed tutorial then please do comment below.

For more information regarding these and my journey please check out “My spiritual journey” blog which will be added to each Wednesday.

Finally my daily planner which is the one I will be discussing most in this blog. For this I have a Filofax Pennybridge personal size planner. It doubles up as my purse so is always on me! And this only has my essentials. 

I have found that when it comes to daily planning I just wasn’t very good at daily or weekly planning. All I wanted was something that gave me a snapshot of what I have going on. So my monthly spreads were so important to me! This is the only element of the diary I have here. For me it works best.
My next section are personal trackers that I feel are important to me. They are all health orientated really, focusing on areas of my life I want to improve or just monitor. I am determined to give up smoking so wanted to track and limit my intake to no more than 10 a day.I have got quite bad with my hydration and fruit/veg intake so wanted to be more accountable to myself for that. I know how important they both are!And then finally I wanted to keep an eye on my sleep. I’m due to give birth soon so am currently waking up a lot in the night and when the baby arrives I’m sure I will also be waking up to breastfeed so thought it would be nice to just keep an eye to make sure I am getting the rest I need!

The only other section I keep here is some notes pages. The ones in the purse are the sheets the filofax came with initially but I have some nice paper chase ones to put in when these have run out.

The diary still needs dividers which I am having made. I promise to share them with you when they arrive.

All these planners are set up and ready to use as of the beginning of May. I am purposely giving myself one final week to prepare them all and be ready for a more accountable lifestyle! Having the baby brain that I do tracking everything simply as well as having an outlet for journaling I believe will help develop me as a person and as a busy mum. I will keep you all updated of my progress of course!

If you have any questions please let me know and if you want to read other bloggers taking part in this series then please click the links below.


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      1. That’s why my planning is really kept to a minimum in there. Having my monthly spread with all relevant appointments etc on it is fine for me. Using my household planner that little bit more as am mainly at home at the moment x


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