6 months to change my life….

6 months to change my life….

6 months to change my life may sound like an impossible task right?  But that is only if you set yourself unattainable goals…

As a member of UKPA I got the opportunity to get involved in a closed group focusing on this exact thing!  I have got so much going on in my life right now, with so many changes that I really needed to try and find a way to focus on my life direction.  So I guess you could call it fate that this group was starting it’s second 6 month cycle.

I asked to joined and have to say am so glad that I did!  I set goals that I believe are realistic, and I hope to achieve them.  The closed group is offering fantastic support which is awesome, and there are pocket groups forming all the time.  This will also vvhopefully include some joined up blogging so watch this space!


So above is a close up of my dashboard with my goals.  I thought having a dashboard would help me remember my goals on a regular basis.  Fingers crossed it will work…

I haven’t actually done much on any of them in this my first week if I’m honest!  But this is what I have put in place and done so far….

  • My work contract doesn’t run out until the end of December, so I doubt negotiations regarding it becoming permanent wont take place until November some time.  But I’m working hard and really enjoying it.
  • I am currently achieving this goal, but then blogging is still new to me…. though I have to say I was stuck with what to blog about today initially!  So I want to try and come up with a bank of ideas so that I am able to write without worrying.  I have also tried to see if there are other avenues of getting involved in linked up blogging so there is so many opportunities to ensure this continues to work!
  • I am gearing myself up for Stoptober regarding smoking, and there are a few of us in the group who have this goal so we have set up a little chat group to give added support to each other on this one.  It is also in my planner to contact my GP tomorrow to book in with the smoking cessation nurse to get some help with this.
  • I am working on my business plan which is proving difficult, but I am getting there.  I am really hoping that when my shop reopens it will be packed with more things which will interest people, and hopefully with my business planning I will be able to expand into other areas of the sales market too.
  • The writing of my book has been put on hold briefly because I am doing some research.  I am enjoying this though, and it is really nice to be giving myself a bit of time to do some reading again.
  • I am continuing to post on Instagram, and would  be honored for a follow if you could help me with this one! My account is @plan_with_hannah

So have you set yourself any goals to achieve this year?  How are they going?  Would love to hear what you’re all up to.  Please comment below.



5 thoughts on “6 months to change my life….

  1. Great post!!
    Your goals look fab and I’d love to hear how you get on with your blogging goal as I have a very similar one.
    As far as my own goals go, the ones I set myself at the beginning of the year seem like a distant memory so I’m refocusing and concentrating of what I can achieve in the remaining 3 months of the year so I can at least say I accommplised something, I just need to keep reminding myself to focus on one with at a time x

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    1. Thanks for your comment… I will do a post in a few weeks time re my blogging and how I structure my time to get them out…. I’ve just recently picked up a new tip which I’m hoping to implement as of next week and want to trial it for a couple of weeks before I blog about its success 😀

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