Hello world!

Hello, and a big thank you for taking the time to read my blog

So a bit about me…. my name is Hannah and I am a qualified Mental Health Nurse, working 2 days a week in the community. I spend the rest if my time looking after my lovely little girl Arya (pictured below) and running my own etsy shop selling planner inserts.

Being planner mad I could never find inserts the suited my needs and it caused me planner distress! Being as I mainly used a personal planner too I thought finding the perfect insert would be IMPOSSIBLE!  So I set to work in figuring it out for myself, and before long had my template to planner peace in front of me.

I got pretty good at designing my own sheets, and soon discovered I wasn’t the only one constantly struggling. So on 4th August 2016, I opened my etsy store, Plan with Hannah UK, and decided to share my designs with the world.

It was pretty scary putting something so personal of mine out there, hoping others would like my ideas and buy. But I got my first order on day 2 and they have been coming in regularly ever since! And not just the stock from the shop, I’ve done many personal designs too 🙂

Unfortunately I have had to temporarily close my shop due to being given an amazing opportunity to get real business support. So I’m currently having to put together a formal business plan, and during this phase I am not allowed to trade. However, I promise to have this done as soon as possible so I can reopen my shop doors :mrgreen:

And I’ve not closed my doors completely…. anything completely bespoke I am still happy to design and make reality for those who want it. Just get in touch directly with me.

Since launching my business I have found a bucket load of confidence I never knew I had.  So if I could share one message with you it would be this;




Follow your dreams regardless of how silly they may sound because you just never know what could happen!

I found myself coming up with so many ideas I thought I would burst! So I began jotting them down, and I am now beginning to work my way through the list. I want to grow my shop and bring new products all the time. And my list is always being added to!

This new found confidence has also given me the drive to write and publish a book too… so my gratitude journal is in its first draft and has a lot more work to be done on it. But failure is no longer an option! I know I will make it because of this new found confidence I have in myself 🙂

I hope this gives you a nice overview of me…. now onto the business side of things….

Going forward I will be blogging twice a week; Mondays and Fridays. My Monday post will be part of a series that a group of plannerholics are running and kindly allowed me to join. The series is called “Confessions of a plannerholic” so as suguested, most will be planner related posts. On Friday I will be blogging about something personal. This could be business related, about my book or something completely random! These may occasionally be planner related too.

If there are any posts you would like then please comment below 🙂


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