Thank you so much for checking out my blog!

My name is Hannah and I am 32 years old.  I am engaged to the wonderful Gavin (his name does crop up every now and then!), mother to Arya (2 years old) and Lilly (4 months old) and step-mother to Kyle (7 years old).

I am a working mum with an addiction to planning in the attempt to be more organised.  The reality is I’ve developed a sticker obsession and love making my planner look pretty!  Therefore I do spend a small fortune on stickers each month, and have recently started getting monthly subscriptions too; all of which I will happily blog or post on Instagram about.

I discovered many years ago that as much as I, like many others, have become more and more reliant on technology, I can’t tear myself away from paper planners.  I had always loved filofaxes and writing things down.  Then I became of the UK Planner Addict facebook group (UKPA) my obsession just got worse!  I discovered stickers and page decorating and slowly began to see my pennies go on stickers… I now can’t imagine a plain page in my diary.

My eyes were opened to many other companies that sell planners and I tried various dufferent types but always seemed unable to settle.  I tried bullet journaling, but felt I really wasn’t arty enough.  Then a few months ago the planner trend seemed to move away from rings and into Travelers Notebooks (TN).  I saw how beautiful they were and thought I would give it a go….  Now I feel I have finally found planner peace and do not think I will ever move back to rings!  My wonderful fiance bought me the most gorgeous TN (pictured below) and I cant ever see me leaving!  A statement I never thought I would say….

Anyway, I hope to Blog on a Monday and a Friday so look out for the posts.  Feel free to use the links to the right for more ways of keeping in touch with me.

Hope you enjoy reading my blog!