Thank you so much for checking out my blog!

My name is Hannah and I am 32 years old.  I am engaged to the wonderful Gavin (his name does crop up every now and then!), mother to Arya (20 months) and Lilly (waiting to be born) and step-mother to Kyle (6 years old).

I am a qualified mental health nurse, but at present am at home on maternity leave and loving spending so much more time with the children!

I absolutely love blogging, and sharing my thoughts with the world, so I hope you do enjoy reading my posts.  Do feel free to comment or request for any posts you would like to see more of.

This is a brief overview of what to expect on a weekly basis from my blog:

  • Monday – Planner girls collective: a planner/scrapbooking/craft type blog which I take part in.  There are a number of other bloggers who also write in this series, and their blogs are found at the end of each of my own posts should you wish to explore this topic more.
  • Wednesday – My spiritual journey: a Wiccan based journey.  I’m guessing a topic not many people would be familiar with and/or may wish to stay clear of.  This is a blog regarding my journey through the vast amount of information around Wicca and finding my path.
  • Friday – The Disorganisation of Motherhood: a mumsy based series, looking at anything and everything child and mummy related.  This includes; organisational ideas, parenting tips, personal feelings/emotions of being a mum
  • Sunday – I smile because: a very brief gratitude post to round up my week


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